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ARTICLE: How ‘Vader Immortal’ became Lucasfilm’s ‘Star Wars’ bet on the future of VR and memory design

The “Vader Immortal” experience — don’t call it a game, all of its principal creatives insist — will last 45 or so minutes, depending on your skills with a saber. It’s pegged to be the first of three episodes written by veteran film, television, comic and game writer David S. Goyer (“Dark City,” The “Dark Knight” trilogy), and, at least in the first episode, showcases a more vulnerable side of Vader.

Set between the events of “Revenge of the Sith” and “A New Hope,” this can be thought of as a short film with some game-like elements. Players will adopt the role of a smuggler, one who gets intercepted by the evil Imperial Empire and taken to Vader’s home planet, the hellish volcanic world of Mustafar, a spot seen in the narratively connected project for the Void, “Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire.”

Players will slowly discover their own Force powers and will be joined on the quest by a mostly trusty droid sidekick, the Maya Rudolph-voiced ZO-E3, a legless floater with wires exposed who seems to realize it has escaped death probably a few more times than most. If needed, ZO-E3 will provide some instructional help, but much of the interactivity in “Vader Immortal” — wielding a lightsaber, climbing some stairs — is relatively intuitive…

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