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Vader Immortal Episode II Available Now

Developer ILMxLab used Facebook’s Oculus Connect 6 developer conference to launch the Vader Immortal: Episode II today. The Star Wars VR experience is available for both Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest right now.

As you would expect from an episodic experience, Vader Immortal’s second installment picks up where the last one left off. It has players continuing their training with Darth Vader. It also introduces new characters, such as a droid featuring the voice of actor Maya Rudolph.

“In Episode II, you’ll get to explore underneath Vader’s castle,” ILMxLab senior producer Alyssa Finely said during an Oculus Connect presentation. “You’ll get to use the Force, and there will be some incredible plot twists along the way.”

ILMxLab’s goal with Episode II was to build on the foundation of both the story and the gameplay. The company brought back writer David S. Goyer to do the story, and it worked with Lucasfilm to ensure the story is canonical.

One of the big gameplay advancements in Episode II is the simplified Force mechanics. Now you can use a single button to begin the activation of Force powers like stunning enemies or flinging objects.

Source: VentureBeat,