Batman Unburied

A couple of years ago, Spotify approached Phantom Four about developing an original audio series exploring the Batman mythology. While filming Foundation, I spend a lot of early mornings driving to remote locations – Iceland, the Canary Islands, etc. Lots of pre-dawn, bleak, beautiful landscapes. On those drives, I listen to podcasts and audio series. I like stretching myself in different directions, and I’d never worked on an audio series before, so I was intrigued. Figuring out how to communicate story points solely through audio has been an interesting challenge. Fights or chase scenes, for instance, things that work great in a visual medium, don’t work well in an audio story. Instead, you have to rely on suspense, eeriness, etc. There were a couple of Batman villains I was intrigued with but never made the cut in the Dark Knight films. This particular story allowed us to explore them in an unconventional way. We pulled in Eric Carrasco and Saladin Ahmed to help with the scripts (both had done time in the Foundation writers’ room). They were joined by Becca Klingel and Graham Westerson and the result was fantastic. We were also able to cast some terrific actors like Winston Duke, Hasan Minhaj, and Gina Rodriguez to add their own spin to the Bat-verse.

Written By:
David S. Goyer


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